Hyperfair is looking for partners in the philippines

from virtual edge institute blog




Attention Trade Show Producers! HyperFair Wants to Partner – Is Your Market Ready for 3D Immersive Event Solutions?BY MICHAEL DOYLE

3D immersive platform vendor HyperFair offers a very graphically engaging and simple to use virtual environment that is browser based and targeted at helping you further monetize your events. Although we demoed the environment with just a few users present (as there was no event going on at the time), Andrea Ballarini, COO of HyperFair Inc., says that they could go to 10,000 concurrent attendees if the need arose as they use a cloud based architecture that allows for that level of scaling.

What impressed me most was the quality of graphics and speed with which they rendered. This is not too surprising as they have developed the virtual trade show solution on the popular 3D game development platform called Unity. Many of the games developed on the Unity platform are top sellers and offer incredible immersive experiences.

“HyperFair has a focus on just the trade show market,” said Ballarini. “We want to be partners with the show producers and so our model is to focus on revenue share not on charging the event producer directly. We want them to focus on selling the event sponsorships and booths and marketing to their potential attendees and if they do that, we’ll handle the rest.”

The exhibits are nice looking and according to the booth builder demo video, very easy to self provision. You don’t need to know anything more than how to select colors, furniture and display areas and where your graphics, videos and documents are so you can upload them to your booth.

Communication is done through text chat and skype for audio chat. Ballarini said the environment is designed around the concept of getting people connected to whatever they are looking for as quickly as possible in an engaging environment. For trade shows that is often finding the right booths and getting the information you need or getting to speak to a knowledge representative. HyperFair has a nice search function as well as directory that allows for categorization of products and services.

According to Ballarini, the platform could accommodate literally hundreds of exhibitors in an unlimited number of pavilions or expo halls. Using a simple building map, attendees can click on a part of the building and they will be transported there without having to “walk” to find it. Another feature that is very nice is the ePad which is set of tools to
help you keep track of where you’ve been, who you’ve talked to, what you’ve viewed and what you’ve downloaded.

HyperFair is defiantly worth a look if you want to jump into 3D immersive and sell a virtual trade show with booth activity being your main objective.


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