from Hyperfair blog


Doing business is commonplace within any entrepreneur’s life, an aspect that sometimes can become tedious and boring.

However, if our business is done through HyperFair things change because we have a platform where you can create virtual exhibitions with stands, pavilions and conference rooms in which an attendee can walk around using an avatar that will allow one to speak with other users through a chat, hand them your business card and collect the material provided by in exhibitors.

Also, those who wish to have their own booth at this fairon-line only have to upload somepictures of their products, to have a booth created and become a 3D exhibitor in the complex.

We are therefore faced with a new way of doing business that, while not a new invention because there are already other companies that offer these services, is the most comprehensive and interactive of all, since it allows one to negotiate in real time without leaving your home or office and in a very entertaining and original way.

And, although there are thousands of things already invented, with a twist one can create something innovative, different and successful. In fact, HyperFair has managed to raise over a million dollars with its new project. to you too?


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