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Gamification is big buzz word getting a lot of notoriety at the moment and Hyperfair is falling right in the mix. Like never before companies large and small are flocking to gamification, or the application of gaming elements to non-game environments, to incorporate in everything from HR training to direct marketing. Hyperfair sees this application as an advanced step, where companies are finally embracing fun.



It might seem like a simple concept, but fun improves everything from overall satisfaction to attention span and can be the difference in a customer returning or an employee efficiently completing a task.

Still, like any other tool, it is important to understand just how to employ gamificiation. In a society that has gone virtual, In a recent article, “Play to win: 7 steps to making gamification work in enterprise,” Venture Beat delves into this trending concept and correctly applying it to the corporate world. For all else call Hyperfair!


the fair is on! november 27-28-29

it takes one minute to register and join the fair, less again to understand how a virtual fair works, and how your business can grow through our platform!

9 am / 6 pm Italian time

4 pm / 1 am Philippines time

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the furniture worldwide virtual fair is here

IFD is less than a week away! Come see our newest platform hosting Italy’s premium furniture design for free:

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Italian Furniture Design Trade Show— Less than a Month Away!

Italian Furniture Design Trade Show— Less than a Month Away!

The final count down has begun as the finishing touches are being put on the Italian Furniture Design Trade Show. Over 60 exhibitors are signed up and ready to show the latest design trends out of Italy.  IFD is the first event of its kind in industry taking this group to the technological forefront of furniture design. These niche companies, ranging from furniture designers and manufacturers to textile producers,  have never before been so accessible to the world market.

International attendance is expected at this three day event (27th – 29th November 9am-5pm GMT+1) and attendance is free! Register to attend today:

For more information visit the event website: or http:\\